Southwest Gamebirds: Quail, Coturnix, Hatching Eggs & Supplies for Sale

Southwest Gamebirds

Raised with Purpose

Southwest Gamebirds is a research and production farm that produces quail breeding stock, eggs, and meat. Start a quail flock, add to your collection, or take egg and meat production to the next level with quality production lines and rare Coturnix varieties.

Quail for sale

We’re making Coturnix available everywhere.

Whether you’re producing meat and eggs for market, raising quail in a small homestead or backyard flock, or performing quail egg assays for medical research, we’re here as your Coturnix provider of choice.

Our focus is superior genetics and husbandry.

With one of the largest genetic collections of Coturnix in the world, we consider it a privilege to interact with and learn from our birds. We’re committed to responsibly maintaining our flock, studying the genetics behind each variety, and independently managing genetic lines and plumage strains properly.

Quail Eggs for sale
unique chicken breeds

Together, we’re pushing the boundaries.

In collaboration with an international network of breeders and researchers, we’re cataloging genetic traits and furthering the potential of captive bred quail. The possibilities are endless, and we believe the Coturnix industry is just beginning.

Customer Comments

Frozen Quail Customer

“Excellent quality and their feeders keep getting better, super happy with my order at the banquet my hawk loves them! Super clean and the day old quail chicks are awesome for getting a fat bird to cooperate!”

-Reviewed Feb 14, 2020

Hatching Egg Customer

“Big beautiful eggs, shipped fast and great people. Will buy again and again.”

-Reviewed Sep 14, 2019

Arizona Falconer

“Really impressed with the overall cleanliness of the facility. Raising game birds is a pretty messy business and Southwest Gamebirds has a great system in place.”

-Reviewed May 8, 2018

Latest Farm Updates

Summer Heat Advisory

Shipping something fragile like hatching eggs always has an inherent risk of internal damage, but summer heat adds an extra layer of concern. Based on our experience, eggs shipped during July and August tend to have more frequent issues with viability. We want to be...

Help! My quail aren’t laying eggs!

Help! My quail aren’t laying eggs!

Help! My quail aren’t laying eggs! Sometimes getting your hen to lay her first egg is the biggest challenge when raising quail. You buy the birds or eggs, and raise them to maturity. You carefully plan out and set up their aviary, cage, or coop, and wait for the eggs...

Farming in Extreme Heat

Farming in Extreme Heat

Raising Quail in Extreme Heat We love Arizona...all winter long. Every year, come late spring, we find ourselves questioning what we got ourselves into. The animals love February and most of March. April is usually fine. Then comes May…and the panting begins. By June,...