Lava Pecking Stone for Quail | Southwest Gamebirds

Natural Lava Pecking Stone



This natural lava rock pumice is sized perfectly for quail and can help to prevent injuries between birds by allowing them to keep their beaks naturally worn down. Hang this stone in a prominent location in a cage or aviary, and naturally curious quail will peck at the rock occasionally, providing enrichment and wearing down their beaks over time.

The science: Pumice stone has been shown in laboratory studies to decrease annual mortality in laying hens by up to 15% per year with no known negative effects. Not all injuries lead to mortality, so the injury rates can theoretically be lowered by even more than 15%. We believe in the benefits of pumice stone so strongly here at Southwest Gamebirds that we use them in our own layer cages to improve life expectancy, lower stress, and improve production and quality of life for our birds.