Pumpkin Pavlovskaya Chicks


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This rare Russian breed of chicken was imported by Greenfire Farms between 2012 and 2015. Our flock is from Greenfire’s stock, and contains the three imported colors: standard, white, and Pumpkin Pavlovskaya, which provide an endless array of color types and patterns. Specifically, we have bred for large crests and color purity.

Pumpkin Pavlovskaya is a medium sized bird that lays a comparatively large, white colored egg. They are most known for their ability to handle cold environments, and include grouse type feathering on their legs and feet, as well as a small comb, large crest, and beard feathering.

While they are only modest producers, these beautiful birds will make a strikingly unique addition to any farm or homestead. Between their good looks and sweet temperament, these birds leave little to be desired.

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