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Jumbo Italian Sparkly – Adult Quail

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Italian Sparkly is one of the most sought after plumages, with an embellished pattern resulting from the interaction of multiple genes. This breeding stock consistently reaches the jumbo size class, making this bird an excellent choice for meat, eggs, or a pet. Spice up your farm or aviary with one of the most stunning plumages currently available. The first product picture in this listing is a female; the second is a male.

What to expect: All birds will be pure Italian Sparkly as pictured - made from the precise interaction of the fawn and sparkly genes. For this specific pattern, sparkly will be heterozygous, breeding 50% true. They will not show any other mutations but may carry recessive traits.

The breeding quintet includes four (4) females and one (1) male, which is our recommended ratio for breeding.  The displayed price for the breeding quintet is for five (5) birds, and the displayed price for males and females is per bird.