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JMF Jumbo White – Adult Quail


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Similar in size and appearance to the Texas A&M line, Jumbo White Quail from the James Marie Farms line are said to have a less aggressive disposition and healthier genetic stock. This line is used by several commercial farms that raise meat for human consumption. They carry two copies of the dotted white gene. These are one of our most popular lines. They are true jumbo quail, finishing out at 12-14 oz and laying 12-16 g eggs.

Only James Marie Farms' partner farms maintain quality bloodlines under direct supervision from the master breeder himself. We are proud to be a member of this coalition and if you are considering Jumbo White Coturnix we encourage you to order at least a portion of your breeding stock from one of these farms directly. You won't be disappointed!

These birds are sold straight run, meaning they are not sexed and we do not guarantee any specific ratio of males and females. The displayed price is per bird.