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Ginger – Assorted Plumages – Adult Quail

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***We are sold out of all live birds for the spring season. We do not expect to have any additional birds available for the foreseeable future.***

The Ginger Collection is a collection of plumages curated by Southwest Gamebirds, based on the newly described gene: Ginger. Smiilar to Roux, the ginger gene is a sex-linked recessive mutation. It makes the birds unmistakenly orange, and does not appear to have any negative affect on the health and vigor of the birds. They have excellent laying abilities and their weights range from 8 ounces to 14 ounces.

What to expect: All birds will have the Ginger mutation, with various patterns and plumage dilutions. Some of our favorite combinations are Ginger with Sparkly, and Ginger with Fee.

The breeding quintet includes four (4) females and one (1) male, which is our recommended ratio for breeding.  The displayed price for the breeding quintet is for five (5) birds, and the displayed price for males and females is per bird.