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Cinnamon – Adult Quail

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***We are sold out of all live birds for the spring season. We do not expect to have any additional birds available for the foreseeable future.***

Cinnamon is one of the rarest plumages available in the United States, with a diluted pattern resulting in a light rust colored plumage. The Southwest Gamebirds Cinnamon breeding stock has excellent temperament, and often reaches 9-10 ounces, and lays relatively large eggs. Cinnamon Quail are notoriously difficult to brood due to the hatchlings' sensitivity to light. They are born with red eyes similar to albino quail, but their eyes gradually darken with age. We have bred our Cinnamon to be more hardy than most, but they are still difficult to raise. We recommend that only advanced keepers breed cinnamon coturnix, but once reared they can be kept by beginners and experts alike.

What to expect: All birds will be pure Cinnamon plumage as pictured - resulting from the Cinnamon gene. They will not show any other mutations but may carry other recessive traits. If desired, cinnamon sparkly or cinnamon fawn can be requested in the order notes, but may not be available on all shipping dates. Please indicate if you would like to wait for Cinnamon sparkly or cinnamon fawn to be available when ordering if you want either variety.

A breeding quintet includes four (4) females and one (1) male, which is our recommended ratio for breeding.  The displayed price for the breeding quintet is for five (5) birds, and the displayed price for males and females is per bird.