Celadon Layer (Blue Egger) Live Coturnix Quail - Southwest Gamebirds

Celadon Layer (Blue Egger) – Adult Quail


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Celadon Layer quail contain an exciting gene discovered in Canada that produces a light blue egg, rather than the typical speckled brown egg that quail are known for. The gene that causes Celadon eggs was once considered the rarest coturnix gene in the world. Celadon layers can come in an assortment of colors. Our flock consists primarily of White, Tibetan, Rosetta, Scarlet, and Red Range as well a tuxedo varieties of these colors.

What to expect: An assortment of colors, all of which reach standard size and most of which lay a light blue egg. Part of the fun is seeing which ones lay blue, and we are getting this line more pure with each generation.

These birds are sold straight run, meaning they are not sexed and we do not guarantee any specific ratio of males and females. The displayed price is per bird.