Black Coturnix Quail | Southwest Gamebirds

Black – Adult Quail

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***We are sold out of all live birds for the spring season. We do not expect to have any additional birds available for the foreseeable future.***

The Southwest Gamebirds Black quail are the result of several years of work and breeding. They are being released as live birds only, since every egg produced from these birds is currently being hatched on site.

Black quail were originally imported from Germany in 2019, and the breeding stock proved difficult to work with. Through three separate crosses to unrelated stock, we have revived the health and vigor of these beautiful birds, and bred them back to their original plumage. Genetically, these birds are still a mystery. The following genes are known to contribute to the solid black plumage:

  • Extended Brown
  • Fawn
  • Fee

However, there appears to be an undescribed gene or combination of genes that is also acting on these birds to make the plumage darker. While we do not fully understand the genetics of any bird, we have worked with these long enough to be comfortable with predicting that they now breed true, and we are working each generation to make them more and more solid black from head to toe.

What to expect: Plumage with deep black undertones. Some may have white barring on the chest or pink toes, but the majority of these birds will be solid black.

These birds are sold straight run, meaning they are not sexed and we do not guarantee any specific ratio of males and females. The displayed price is per bird.