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Schofield Silver Collection Eggs


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This classic Schofield Silver Quail Collection was imported from Canada in 2014. It includes several rare colors such as silver, lavender, blue, slate, charcoal, cream. The “Silver” gene is called Andalusian, which is partially dominant, meaning that birds with one copy of the gene exhibit silver coloring. Two copies of the gene make birds a snowy white color, but due to the genetic quality of the line this is often associated with many health defects. We recommend crossing silver birds with non-silver birds for the best results.

The Schofield Silver Quail collection has been interbred with many colors, and resulted in an astonishing number of colors and feather patterns. Silvers take on the Tuxedo and Pied pattern and dilute the wild type, Italian, Rosetta, Golden Manchurian, and Tibetan colors. They are a must-have for any collector.

What to expect: An assortment of approximately 50% undiluted colors and feather patterns, 50% silver versions of those colors and feather patterns.

We ship all Schofield Silver Quail eggs with care in custom foam for insulation and protection during transport. The post office can be unpredictable, but this shipping method gives your eggs the best chance of maintaining viability, and we always include extra eggs free of charge when available. If eggs are damaged during shipping, contact us regarding a claim with the post office. If eggs appear undamaged but do not hatch, please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to make it right. Our goal is to make you happy with high quality eggs, fast shipping, and good customer service.

Give these Schofield Silver Quail eggs a shot! You’ll be glad you did.