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Scarlet & Red Range Tuxedo Celadon Hatching Eggs

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Released Valentine's Day of 2021, this assortment of red and scarlet quail have the ability to lay a pale light blue egg rather than the typical speckled brown egg for which quail are known. Celadon layers can come in any plumage, but this collection has been curated to include varieties with red plumage. While we have avoided using the term "true blue," this is the longest continuously offered true celadon bloodline in the US, and was developed on our farm using extremely selective breeding with an initial cull percentage of 60% with a secondary cull percentage of 97%, meaning that only a single breeding quail was selected from every 100 birds raised to maturity and inspected for quality on our farm.

Celadons are notoriously difficult to breed, cross, develop, and maintain because they are associated with several health defects. We believe that these health defects can be largely overcome with proper breeding and enough persistence. Celadon quail tend to be a little more fragile than other quail, have higher chick mortality, and the eggs are more fragile in the mail making them more difficult to hatch initially. However, breeders far and wide with experience raising Celadons have celebrated the vigor of our Red Celadons and their ability to lay blue eggs consistently. This line has quickly spread to hobbyists throughout the US and Europe, and has now become the foundation of many Celadon flocks. Celadon eggs are a pale light blue color and are not as vibrant as robin eggs. Lighting will significantly affect perception of the blue color, with natural sunlight producing the most vibrant blue perception. Dim yellow light or strong flash will produce the most pale perception, almost making them look white.

What to expect: An assortment of Scarlet, Red Range, Scarlet Tuxedo, Red Range Tuxedo, and dotted white with a small red patch instead of the traditional black markings, all of which will reach standard size. Females will all lay pale light blue eggs of around 10-12 grams, and males will all carry two copies of the celadon gene (homozygous celadon).

We ship all Celadon eggs with care in custom foam for insulation and protection during transport. The post office can be unpredictable, but this shipping method gives your eggs the best chance of maintaining viability, and we always include extra eggs free of charge when available. While we cannot guarantee your hatching success, we are more than willing to assist with any incubation or shipping related issues, so feel free to contact us at any point of your quail journey if you have questions or concerns about your eggs. Our goal is to provide you with healthy quail bred to the highest possible standards to help you establish your foundation breeding stock.