Salt and Pepper – JMF Production Mix Hatching Eggs - Southwest Gamebirds

Salt and Pepper – JMF Production Mix Hatching Eggs

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Want some light and dark in your flock? This assortment is mixture of Jumbo White and Jumbo Brown from our production lines. These lines are dual purpose birds used for meat and eggs. You can expect us to draw from the JMF Meat-Maker, JMF Egg-maker, and JMF Recessive White lines. We do not guarantee any given percentage from white or brown lines, but will ship a mixture of approximately half white and half brown based on what is available. With an assortment from these lines, you will have an excellent start for any egg or meat operation.

We ship all eggs with care in custom foam for insulation and protection during transport. The post office can be unpredictable, but this shipping method gives your eggs the best chance of maintaining viability, and we always include extra eggs free of charge when available. While we cannot guarantee your hatching success, we are more than willing to assist with any incubation or shipping related issues, so feel free to contact us at any point of your quail journey if you have questions or concerns about your eggs. Our goal is to make you happy with high quality eggs, fast shipping, and good customer service.