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Red Sparkly Hatching Eggs


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Red Sparkly is back, for a limited time only! Red Sparkly is a mixed group of German Sparkly Collection birds, selectively bred for the Roux mutation. This creates a red variant of nearly every German Sparkly Collection variety. In a way, this makes Red Sparkly a sub-collection of the German Sparkly Collection, with each bird having a similar red hue in common, but many plumage patterns. They can be bred to other German Sparkly Collection birds to create sex-link breeding groups, or separated into further breeding groups to isolate individual varieties if desired. Unlike classic varieties with the Roux mutation, Red Sparkly birds have a much brighter red hue. We haven't discovered what causes this, but the color is quite unusual, yielding yet another mystery from this exciting collection.

What to expect: Red Sparkly should hatch a variety of plumage patterns with a red hue, many of which have been observed to reach jumbo weights. Our current breeding groups have a handful of non-red male carriers in 2-3 plumage varieties, so those will only hatch 50% red. The majority have now been set with Red males and Red hens, which will breed true for the roux mutation, although there are several patterns paired with these birds. A few that we have identified are Autumn Amber Sparkly, Red Fee sparkly, and Roux Sparkly.

We ship all Red Sparkly quail eggs with care in custom foam for insulation and protection during transport. The post office can be unpredictable, but this shipping method gives your eggs the best chance of maintaining viability, and we always include extra eggs free of charge when available. If eggs are damaged during shipping, contact us regarding a claim with the post office. If eggs appear undamaged but do not hatch, please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to make it right. Our goal is to make you happy with high quality eggs, fast shipping, and good customer service.