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Premium Jumbo Quail (Frozen)


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***This item will not be shipped. It is only available for local pickup in Tonopah, AZ.***

Our Premium Jumbo Quail (Frozen) are humanely dispatched using CO2 gas and frozen in convenient resealable bags. They are fed a Vitamin E, Copper, and Manganese-enriched feed and raised to 6 - 8 weeks of age, allowing them to retain fat-soluble nutrients and develop fully ossified bones. Our research suggests that this makes quail an ideal food source for birds of prey, as well as other carnivores. We recommend Premium Jumbo Quail as a staple diet for birds of prey, but not to exceed 60% of their total diet.

Premium Jumbo Quail have an average weight of 200 - 250 grams or 8 oz.