EcoQuail (Frozen)


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EcoQual is our most popular product among raptor breeders and rehabilitation centers. The key difference between EcoQuail and Premium Quail is that we do not raise each bird to full maturity to ensure sufficient bone ossification and fat-soluble nutrient retention. Instead, we raise each bird to hit a target weight of 185 grams. As a result, the meat is slightly less rich than our Premium Quail, but it is a great option for supplemental meals, for raptors that do not have high performance needs such as breeders or those that are not releasable, or for less physically demanding times such as the off season. 

Our EcoQuail are humanely dispatched using CO2 gas, vacuum sealed, and frozen in convenient bags of 10. They are fed a Vitamin E, Copper, and Manganese enriched feed to maximize nutrition and gain weight quickly, but they have very little fat. With Eco-Quail, protein is the name of the game, and these birds put it on nicely. We recommend Eco-Quail as a supplemental food source for birds of prey or any other carnivore that does well on quail.

Eco-Quail have an average weight of 185 grams or 6.5 oz.

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