Quail Starter Kit


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For those interested in raising quail, we have designed a complete kit to make caring for them as easy as possible. Quail are much more difficult to raise than other types of poultry because they require precisely controlled temperature, high quality feed, and slip free flooring. While there is still a learning curve, this kit makes it much easier to keep your chicks alive and well, especially if it is your first time raising them.

This kit includes a partially enclosed container to keep chicks warm and provide ventilation. Included is a feeder, drown-proof waterer, heat lamp, heat lamp dimmer control, thermometer, 5 lb bag of starter feed, litter, and a detailed guide for raising quail.

There is a steep learning curve for raising quail, and the first few days are the most critical. Take the guesswork out of your brooder and watch your chicks thrive with this complete setup.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 12 in