We never thought we’d own chickens until we discovered the exotic Ayam Cemani. We now have an assortment of rare breeds that we are excited to add to our product line. If you want something a little unusual, that nobody else has heard of, or that is simply fun to raise and look at, you’ve come to the right place. 

All our chickens are shipped via USPS Priority Express Mail in reinforced boxes, packed with care. We guarantee live delivery and ship only the highest quality chicks from each hatch. Generally, orders are shipped on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the time of that week’s hatch.

Note to California Customers: Due to the recent outbreak of Virulent Newcastle’s Disease, we are unable to ship live birds or hatching eggs to zip codes 90000 – 93599. If you live in one of these zip codes but are not in the mandatory quarantine zone (map available here), you may opt to have chicks or hatching eggs shipped for pick-up at a neighboring post office outside the restricted zip codes. Please help us keep our flocks safe by not transporting birds into, out of, or through the quarantine zone!







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