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Live Birds

Our live birds are shipped via USPS Priority Express Mail in reinforced boxes, packed with care. We have a 72 hour live guarantee, and we only ship the highest quality birds directly from our farm. Orders are shipped on Tuesdays to ensure fast delivery and to avoid any risk of  delays over the weekend. We send tracking information automatically when orders ship, and include detailed care instructions with each order so you know exactly how to care for your birds when they arrive. For more information on how live birds are shipped and how to care for them once they arrive, see our recourse page for shipping live Coturnix.

Adult quail are shipped at 6 weeks of age to ensure they are robust enough to handle the journey and to maintain full compliance with federal regulations and Post Office requirements.

While we ship eggs year round, we only ship live birds when the weather permits. Adult quail do best in the cold. If the birds are not able to be delivered during your preferred delivery week due to weather or unforeseen events, we will contact you to schedule a new delivery week. 



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