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Hatching Eggs

Let’s clear something up. Coturnix (kuh-TUR-niks) is a funny word that means “quail” in Latin. Because Coturnix already means quail, you won’t hear us refer to them as Coturnix quail…because it’s redundant. Coturnix coturnix, however, is not. It’s a subspecies of Coturnix native to Europe. We raise a different subspecies derived from Coturnix japonica (AKA Japanese Quail). It was domesticated in the 12th century in Japan, hence the name, but they are native to continental Asia. Regardless of the subspecies, most people just call them Coturnix or, more informally, Jumbo Brown Quail.

Southwest Gamebirds entered the Coturnix industry in late 2017, working under the mentorship of James Marie Farms. As a result, we raise several of their lines, which are considered the gold standard for production lines in the United States. We have found that the James Marie Farms’ lines produce consistent and high quality dual purpose birds, which generally begin laying shortly after 6 weeks, and reach 10 oz in weight by 8 weeks. Consequently, we have learned to appreciate their productivity, hardiness, and content disposition.

We work with an international network of breeders, scientists, and importers to source and maintain one of the world’s largest genetic stocks. This collection includes several rare and beautiful colors, as well as the infamous Celadon gene, which produces a light blue colored egg and is quickly growing in popularity. We are always working to isolate desirable color mutations and unique traits, as well as to select for genetically healthy and gentle-tempered birds. Whether you run a large farm or a small homestead, rest assured that you have found the best breeding stock available.