Raptor Food

We work hard to provide the most nutrient dense frozen quail on the market for high performance raptors. Don’t worry though…lazy birds of prey, like eagles, love our quail as well!

We start by feeding our breeder quail a high quality game bird ration to ensure that their eggs are produced with the right micro-nutrient levels for healthy chick development. While growing, we give the chicks free access to a game bird grower diet enriched with Vitamin E, Copper, and Manganese. We raise EcoQuail to approximately 185 g, an efficient size for meat production. In contrast, we raise Premium Quail to maturity, approximately 6-8 weeks, allowing them develop ossified bones, nutrient dense meat, and accumulate important fat-soluble nutrients.

Our research suggests that this combination creates a very high quality food source for birds of prey compared to other more cost effective methods used to raise quail. Our customers have told us that they can literally see the difference in the meat, and we like to think their raptors notice the difference, too.

Industry leaders such as the Peregrine Fund have used quail for up to 60% of their raptors’ diets, so we are proud to recommend our Premium Quail as a staple food source for all birds of prey, and our EcoQuail as an supplemental food source.




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